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Blood Testing

Blood tests are more difficult to pass than urine tests. Many of the methods listed above won’t help you pass a blood drug test. The best way to pass is to stay clean before you are required to take the test. If you cannot wait to take your drug test, there are a few blood cleanse products on the market. These products claim to clean the drug toxins from your blood. However, there is no guarantee. You should use these products at your own risk and understand that you still may not pass. A few of the highest rated blood cleans products include:

-Detoxify Mega Clean

-Health Plus Super Blood Cleanse Capsules

-Health Plus Blood Cleanse

The amount of time that drugs stay in your blood is different than in your urine. The numbers below should only be used as a guide. Like drugs in the urine, the length of time that drugs stay in your blood depends on how often you used the drugs, the potency, your tolerance, and the speed of your metabolism.

Hair Follicle Testing

Drugs can stay in your hair for months. The average person’s hair grows at 1cm per month. This makes it possible to determine drug use and the frequency of your use over the last few months. Hair follicle testing is not as common as urine or blood testing, however, there are times when it is ordered. Hair follicle kits can test for just about any type of drug. During the test, you would be required to give the tech a sample of your hair. They often take 2 to 3 clumps of hair, each containing about 50 strands. If you are bald, the tech may need to take the hair from other parts of your body.

The best way to pass a hair follicle test is to stay drug-free for 30 to 60 days prior to the test. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. If you cannot wait, a detoxification shampoo can help. The most effective shampoos on the market will remove the metabolites and the older layers of your scalp. It can also penetrate the inner shaft of your hair which is effective in flushing out all of the toxins. You can look at where to buy fake urine  that is specifically designed to help you pass a drug test. These products are often found in health stores or online. Another resource to find upass synthetic urine for sale is a secondary health store.

There are also products on your pharmacy shelves that can help you pass the test. If you wash your hair with straight aloe, it can help detoxify your hair. Nexxus is another good product. Finally, you can use any type of lice shampoo to detoxify your hair. Before you are required to take the test, you should take a home test. You can find these tests at any local pharmacy in your hometown.

If you fail the home test, you should repeat the detoxification process again and again until you pass. This may not be the healthiest thing that you can do to your hair. However, it is worth a little damage if it means that you will pass the test. If you are going to shave your head to avoid taking the test, don’t waste your time.

The tech can take leg hair, arm hair, and even pubic hair for testing. You will need to look into some sub solution reviews. Unless you are willing to shave your entire body, shaving is not an effective method. You should also understand that if you do shave your entire body, it can raise a red flag with the tech at the drug testing facility. If they cannot take a hair follicle test, they may require you to take a urine test or a blood test. If you haven’t prepared your body for one of these tests, there is a good chance that you will fail. Just because you don’t have hair to offer for a test, it is not a free pass from taking a drug test.

It is important that passing a drug test if you have been using is not an exact science. There is no method that can fully guarantee that you will pass. The only fool-proof way to pass a drug test is to stop using drugs. If you are anticipating to get a job, it is best to stop using drugs as soon as you decide to start job hunting. By the time you are granted an interview, and you get the job, you should have no drugs left if your system. 

The same is true if you if you are expecting to go to family court for custody or visitation rights. If you don’t have the time that it will take to detox your urine, blood, or hair naturally, you may need to use one of the methods listed above. When you are ordered to take the drug test, you should make it a point to find out what type of test you are going to be required to take. This will help you choose the proper method for the type of the test that you will be taking. If you cannot find out the method that will be used, you should use a method for each of the types of drug tests. This is the best way to ensure a negative result.

A positive result on a drug test can cost you a job, it can cost you your family, and it can cost you your freedom. Because of this, you should know how to pass a drug test if you have been using.

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List Of Drug Testing Help Websites

We love websites like Youtube synthetic urine help for help with how to pass these crazy tests. It has visual information for the user.

Another place to visit is for fake urine materials. They have a reputation of finding information that guides a lot of the hopeless in passing drug tests. Even if you are a vagrant, you can still find hope with other people. Doing drugs doesn’t make you evil or cast out of society.

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